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Job Responsibilities:

1,Receive customer consultations, understand customer needs and achieve sales;

2,Responsible for doing a good job in sales records, inventory, and checking of accounts, and completing sales statistics according to regulations;

3,Complete the day-to-day business operations such as acceptance inspection of goods, display and placing of shelves, replenishment, returns, loss prevention, etc.;

4, do a good job in the area responsible for sanitary cleaning;

5, Complete other tasks assigned by the superiors.


1, high school education or above;

2, with relevant working experience is preferred;

3, with strong communication skills and service awareness, hard-working;

4, age 18-35 years old, good health.



1,Unmarried females aged from 23 to 28 years old

2, good-looking, good character, with a certain sales experience

3, Speak hard, work hard, and be sincere

4, no responsibility base salary plus sales commission


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